Importance of Consumer Citations for Local SEO

local-marketingWhen we talk about citation from the perspective of SEO, it’s a mention or comment about a specific business or brand on a particular platform. If we talk about how citations can be helpful in technical terms, they actually serve as contextual forms that are crawled and indexed by search engine bots. While citations may serve only as a generic factor for a business website that would target a wide area, it is one of the main things to be taken into consideration when we talk about local Indianapolis SEO.

So, if you are a small business wanting to get some exposure in the locality where your business is located, having consumer citations in your favor is one of the best things that can happen to your business.

Search engines evaluate the brand website based on citations

Yes, that’s true. The Google and other search engines have become smart enough, thanks to some complex algorithmic changes, in order to evaluate a business based the nature of citations about that business. The comments entered by consumers are assessed by search engines. Based on that assessment, the pages about that business get a spot in the search engine results page.

Positive citations improve conversion rate

Since citation is user generated content that puts forward a review about your business, there is a major chance that its positivity would influence the reader to contact you and become a customer. According to statistic shared by BrightLocal, about 74% consumers of online brands say that they would trust a business based on positive statements shared about it by general consumers.

Structured citations are well-understood by search engines

The essential points about a business that include name, address and phone number are important factors of structured citations. The experts in the field of local SEO abbreviate these factors as NAP.

While working on the local citation websites, you need to make sure that NAP is synchronized across all the websites you work with. This synchronization gives search engines multiple options to pick citation stats about your business. Here is an example of structured citation.


Citations perfect the other local SEO efforts

The traditional SEO basically involves practices that drive traffic to your website. The traffic coming to your website that already has some positives in its basket, i.e. positive citations, can give the SEO efforts a much needed boost. Your well-optimized website with a good authority will surely have an upper hand as compared to equally well-optimized website of your competitor if there are citations favoring your business.

There can’t be anything better than citations for local businesses

Given the fact that search engines are now tend to connect searchers to the businesses with consumers saying positive things about it, working on citations makes real sense if you are trying to promote your business on a local level.


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